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Gold Fish Evil Eye Protection

Gold Fish Evil Eye Protection

Uniquely shaped as a fish, this piece is made from yellow and white gold. The piece is beautifully inscribed with the verses "Ben Porat Yosef" and "Keep me, O God; for I have taken refuge in Thee" (The book of Psalms: 16:1). These inscriptions are virtue for protection against the evil eye. The fish is a popular motif in Jewish tradition against the envious stare and ill will. Since fish live in the water and are out of sight, they are protected from the evil eye. This Kabbalah pendant is a remarkable piece of jewelry for luck and keepsake.
ID : HA-F200G
Price $259
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Gold "Cycle 72 Names"

Gold "Cycle 72 Names"

This exclusive handcrafted Kabbalah pendant is made from five powerful metals which are thought to bring about positive energy, in line with the Kabbalist formula. A Star of David in gold is at the heart of this pendant. It also has a Chrysoberyl gem better known as a Cat’s Eye. In addition, engraved in this pendant are the 72 names of God.

The 72 names of God are sequences of three letters out of the Book of Exodus. The three letter sequences are believed to be spiritual sources, if you will, that bring about positive changes in one’s life. The five metals featured in this pendant are silver, tin, copper, gold and lead. When these metals are blended together, they are believed to bring about positive energy. The stone (Cat’s Eye) that is featured in the Star of David is thought to be energetic, too. It is assumed to bring about wealth and good luck for those who bear it, making it a powerful source of energy. It is a beautiful and influential piece that is used to bring positive energy to the wearer.

Does not include a gold chain.
ID : HA-P063G
Price $695
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