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In the last century, the Star of David, Magen David in Hebrew, has become the most recognizable sign of the Jewish identity. Comprised of two symmetrical triangles that create a six-pointed star, the Star of David has been known for centuries as a powerful protective amulet that fights negative energies. Many Jewish people across the world wear Star of David jewelry as a way to display their deep connection to the state of Israel, as the symbol appears on its national flag. Others wear the Star of David jewelry accessories for reasons related to the original use of the Jewish star – as a powerful amulet that is believed to provide protection and blessing. All of our Star of David jewelry accessories are handcrafted in Israel.
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Dafna Gold Hamsa Pendant with Star of David

Dafna Gold Hamsa Pendant with Star of David

This Hamsa-shaped frame, made from 9 K Gold, is decorated with a hanging Gold Star of David. At the heart of the Star of David is a Garnet gem.
The Hamsa frame is beautifully engraved in Hebrew, with three of the 72 names of  God. Each of the 72 names is believed to possess a special energy and purpose.
The Mem-Hey-Shin combination is a virtue for health and cure.
The Samech-Aleph-Lamed combination is believed to draw abundance and wealth.
The third sequence, Aleph-Lamed-Dalet is traditionally believed to provide a strong protection against the evil eye and ill will.

These combinations, taken from the book of Exodus, were developed by Kabbalists draw unique energy and are believed to enhance positive changes in various aspects of life.
The pendant is also engraved with "Ben Porat Yosef Alei Ayne".
When Jacob blesses his youngest son Joseph, he calls him "Ben Porat Yosef", which means in Hebrew a fruitful son (Genesis, 49:42).
In Jewish tradition, Joseph is considered a righteous man, and so it has become a common custom to use his name as a virtue for Divine Protection.
ID : DN-H-100g
Price $299
Gold "Cycle 72 Names"

Gold "Cycle 72 Names"

This exclusive handcrafted Kabbalah pendant is made from five powerful metals which are thought to bring about positive energy, in line with the Kabbalist formula.
A Star of David in gold is at the heart of this pendant.
It also has a Chrysoberyl gem better known as a Cat’s Eye.
In addition, engraved in this pendant are the 72 names of God.

The 72 names of God are sequences of three letters out of the Book of Exodus.
The three letter sequences are believed to be spiritual sources, if you will, that bring about positive changes in one’s life.
The five metals featured in this pendant are silver, tin, copper, gold and lead.
When these metals are blended together, they are believed to bring about positive energy.
The stone (Cat’s Eye) that is featured in the Star of David is thought to be energetic, too.
It is assumed to bring about wealth and good luck for those who bear it, making it a powerful source of energy.
It is a beautiful and influential piece that is used to bring positive energy to the wearer.

Does not include a gold chain.
ID : HA-P063G
Price $719
Hoshen pendant "EL-ROEE"

Hoshen pendant "EL-ROEE"

Hoshen "EL-ROEE" pendant , david star inlaid with onyx stone (optional), 12 hoshen stones ,zircons

Carnelion/Ruby - Reuven - symbol of love and marriage; aid in conception, maternity and giving birth
Topaz - Shimon - carries benediction of abundance and joy to one’s life
Emerald - Levi - symbol of generousness, reserve and kindness
Turquoise - Yehuda - contributes to success in business matters
Lapis Lazuli - Yissachar - sign of clearness of thought and honesty
Quartz - Zevulun - imparts strength; symbolizes purity and the love of truth
Jacinth - Dan - induces creative thinking; bestows self-realization
Agate - Naphtali - has an extraordinary calming effect
Amethyst - Gad - symbolic representation of spiritual strength; defends against negative energies
Chrysolite - Asher - sanctifies both body and soul; brings in inner peace
Onyx - Yosef - strengthens one's courageousness and self-discipline
Jasper - Binyamin - brings physical strength; improves self-esteem
Metal : sterling silver 925 , gold

 Chain length : 50cm (Of your choice)
ID : MT-10650
Price $623
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