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At an era when ancient and hidden knowledge is available, when the world is changing and reality is complex, when people search for inner peace they try to connect it to their daily worlds, we find the way to assist people by combining the mystical code of the 72 Names of God and precious stones, known for their virtues and qualities, and the traits of the shape of the key. The combination of the three allows us to give you the Keys for the Soul.
The Key for the Soul is designed in a unique and exclusive way:
The stone is embedded in a medallion in such a way that gives it a spiral and dynamic motion. Being close to the body the stone can radiate/bestow the same qualities attributed to it.
A combination of two out of the 72 Names of God are imprinted on the outside of the Key, we have left the inside of the Key hollow which enables the wearer to put a note containing his/hers and mother's name.
The mixture of spirit - name of God -and of matter -precious stone - creates the Key for the Soul and constitutes a powerful combination, which influences the person wearing it in an associative, mental and practical manner.
The 72 Names of God (by saying them Moses divided the sea and released water from the rock) are taken from three verses in the Book of Exodus, chapter 14, verses 19-21, each one of the verses containing 72 letters.
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