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Long "Calipso" Necklace

Long "Calipso" Necklace
Long "Calipso" NecklaceN5244GF13N5244GF7N5244GF9N5244S2
The Long Calipso Necklace is 24K gold plated, seated with one Swarovski crystal or white Japanese pearl.
Part of our eye-catching "Into The Deep" collection, the colorful crystals and white pearl set in raw the material, expresses the natural beauty found in nature.
This necklace will compliment many looks and will fit perfectly with other items from all Danon collections.

Available with crystals in three colors - red, blue, green or pearl.
  • 24K gold plated.
Protect your jewellery from contact with water, creams, and the direct spray of perfume.
Handle with care as the jewellery is delicate and may get damaged if dropped.
Gently clean your jewellery with a dry cotton cloth.
ID : DN-N5244GF13
Price $229
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